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James Kirkham

BJJ Coach

James Kirkham has been training under the MMA Academy since 2013, being one of the first products of the Academies Foundation Programme, James quickly developed a style around the fundamentals of BJJ, which gave him a well-rounded game and applied it to both Gi and No-Gi. This has seen him collect gold medals at every belt since white belt and allowed him to work his way up to being awarded his brown belt in 2018, James instructs in our foundation BJJ helping our students with their first experience of Jiu-Jitsu, after coming through the foundation programme himself, James has first hand experience on what knowledge is needed for progressing through the syllabus.

James also helps out with the grappling side of the Explorers Program.

He has managed to pick up Gold medals at No-Gi British Open, IBJJF London Winter Open, IBJJF Spanish Nationals, IBJJF Copenhagen and Dublin Open. In addition with placing in many more BJJ competitions on the national and European stage.

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