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Here at the MMA Academy Liverpool we run a very successful MMA program, we provide training for students who just want to get fit and learn all the way to those wanting to take their training up to the competition level.

When you start at the academy you will be assigned to fundamental classes to pick up on basic techniques that are absolutely essential to MMA. Unlike other gyms where you will most likely be thrown into mixed classes where it will be much harder to get good quickly.

Our MMA program focuses on groundwork (submission, submission defence), the correct way to strike on the ground, wrestling (how to dictate were the fight goes) and striking (techniques from boxing, muay thai and other disciplines).

Here at the academy we encourage technical improvement in ALL our classes.

To get started on the MMA program please leave your information and we will get in contact with you to get started,

Gym relocating to 17 Vulcan Street L3 7BG on Tuesday 8th May  View map