Here are some of the good things our members say about us.

Ryan Hall - BJJ Black Belt, ADCC Bronze Medalist, 2xUFC Fan Expo Superfight Champion, Fifty/50 Jiu Jitsu Team

Jason Tan has been a friend of mine since we first met in 2010 and it’s been a pleasure to train with and learn from him whenever I can. He has a wealth of experience that can benefit anyone from raw beginner to seasoned professional, and his competitive accomplishments speak for themselves. If I lived in Liverpool, I’d be training Martial Arts at the MMA Academy.

Rob Mcnee - Age 16

Since starting at the MMA academy at age 14 I have took medals in many national grappling tournaments and recently won the North West BJJ Open in the adults division Training at the MMA academy has proven to be a huge confidence booster

Dr Ste Rainey - Doctor

Since training Martial Arts at the MMA academy in liverpool I have lost 30 pounds and the regular training helps me destress after busy days working long hours running an inner city dental clinic The approachable staff friendly atmosphere and cleanliness of the MMA academy all contributed to my decision in becoming a member not to mention the awesome training