Here are some of the good things our members say about us.

Jon Paul Lavelle - BJJ Blue Belt

I have been training for just over two years at the MMA Academy. During this time it has become a huge part of my life. As I was starting BJJ in my late 30’s and having never trained in any martial arts, I needed an environment where the basics would be the focus and patience would be shown. Thankfully the MMA Academy’s foundation classes were perfect for me. I attended twice a week for the first month which was paced just right for me. The emphasis was on particular fundamentals that would be repeated every class. This repetition certainly helped the instruction sink in. The coaches would always mix things up and kept things fun, but the emphasis would remain on the specific technique for that particular month. During my first month I knew Jiu Jitsu was for me. Once I’d taken full advantage of the 30 day trial I didn’t hesitate to sign up. After passing out of foundation, I started attending the more advanced 101 classes. This was much more expansive than I’d experienced in foundation, but my new training partners and coaches were welcoming and accommodating. People would help me along, give me tips and most importantly show me the patience I required.

Jon Vid - BJJ Blue Belt

2016 was the year I first stepped through the doors, one of my mates in work told me about a gym off great Howard street called the ‘MMA Academy’, he was saying it does Muay thai and Brazilian jui jitsu. I thought I’d give it a go. I was 43 at the time and wasnt looking forward to it but needed to keep fit. I was working shifts at the time but the academy had morning and afternoon classes that worked out perfect for me. I done a couple of Muay thai classes then started bjj, found something I really enjoyed, kept me fit and was a constant learning curve. They have a great system that runs you through the basics steps making sure you are ready for the more advanced classes when the time comes. I highly recommend this gym, I cant describe how well it has improved my fitness and mental health. The gym has now moved location to Vulcan street, fantastic facilities that have a great set of coaches that go out of their way to help. Life changer, honestly. Oh and got gold in the national masters too

Simon - BJJ Blue Belt

I started training at the academy in 2018, now 2 years down the line I can honestly say it’s been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made for both my physical and mental health. Since I left school I’ve been in and out of gyms, getting fairly fit but then falling off the wagon. I struggled to motivate myself and push myself beyond what I’m comfortable with. I needed out of my comfort zone. Having had quite a bit of stress in the years prior I found myself with a bit of extra time and no excuse not to take up a new challenge. The decision to start BJJ was so out of my character, even my mates are still struggling to understand and are convinced I’m going through a midlife crisis! To be honest, they could be right, but since taking up BJJ I’ve competed national tournaments with varying success. Ive won hard earned medals as well as the famed default ones, I’ve won by sub and points but I’ve also been on the receiving end. Some see it as winning or losing, but for me when competing the old cliché rings true, you win or you learn, there’s no losers. The most important aspect of competing is my new found confidence, it’s allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and push myself physically & mentally in a way I’ve never done before.

Michael Dowd - BJJ Purple Belt

I’ve been training at the MMA Academy for nearly 7 years now and since becoming a member I look at that gym as my second home. I joined the Royal Marines 6 years ago and without the MMA Academy friendly and approachable manner it help give me the discipline and Commando ethos that is required to become a Royal Marines Commando…Cheerfulness, Courage, Determination, Unselfishness. I have joined the Royal Marines BJJ team winning many competitions and representing the combined British Military team at the British Championship and NAGA Europeans. Being a purple belt now, training overseas is a huge part of my job and with many nations I now set up BJJ sessions teaching and speaking in front of a large groups of people including Americans, Norwegians, French and Dutch the fundamentals and basics in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, something I could never imagine doing before I was introduced to the Academy.

Ste Parrat - BJJ Blue Belt

I joined The MMA Academy a number of years ago at the suggestion of a friend. The first few sessions I was so nervous I almost felt like I wanted to give up, however the coaches were very patient and encouraging, and slowly I built my confidence up. All I can say now is that I am so glad that I didn’t give up: The MMA Academy and Brazilian jiu-jitsu have become foundations for my life, and through both I have enjoyed vastly improved self-confidence, better physical conditioning, and most importantly a much healthier mental outlook.

John Devine - Academy member

Since becoming a member at the MMA Academy, the quality of training and facilities has never failed to impress. A progressive syllabus delivered by friendly and approachable instructors, has helped me to develop my fitness and skillset well beyond my own expectations, and the opportunity to train with top level athletes as a beginner is an absolute privilege. All of this coupled with a welcoming atmosphere and diverse membership makes the MMA Academy an easy recommendation for anyone wanting to brush up on their skills, pick up some new ones or just get into good.