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Do I need to get fit before I start training martial arts?

You couldn’t be further from the truth; martial arts training at the MMA academy will get you in great shape. We will start you off in our Introduction Program where you can BUILD FITNESS and LEARN TECHNIQUE in a controlled environment. Join now and take advantage of our 30 day free trial and see the massive gains in all aspects of fitness from becoming a member of the MMA academy.

Is the MMA Academy just for fighters?

90% of our members don’t compete in martial arts. The majority of our members are here to learn real self -defence aspects, gain fitness, confidence and get in great shape. We do not force anyone to compete.

Does what you teach really work or are you one of these ‘McDojos’?

All of our instructors and a number of students have competed and continue to compete at the highest level of competition including competing in the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship. BEWARE of phoney martial arts schools offering expert tuition, do your research first, find out whether the academy does well in recognised competitions or whether the instructors have a credible reputation within the Mixed Martial Arts community.

I have no martial arts experience and I am too old?

The MMA Academy from scratch and through our structured training methods they have progressed rapidly and gaining huge health benefits along the way.

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