Thinking about starting MMA training? Things to consider

My name is Elliot Jessett and I have just begun my MMA journey. I will be providing updates and blog posts as I go through the MMA Academy development programme and also writing articles relating to training, fitness, diet and all things MMA.

The popularity of MMA has skyrocketed in recent years with more and more people flocking to the sport. There are a number of factors in the growth of MMA – not all of them related directly to Connor McGregor!

It’s true that promotions such as UFC, Bellator and Cage Warriors and cross over figures such as Ronda Rousey, GSP and Connor McGregor have contributed enormously to the popularity of MMA. However, beyond the glamour and razzmatazz of professional prize fighting, it is the enduring qualities of hard work, dedication, skill and self-discipline which have encouraged people to get involved.

There are also numerous reasons for why people take up MMA – from people who train to reach the standards of professional fighters to the thousands of people who train as an alternative to the gym. MMA training is brilliant for fitness, physical and mental health as well as associated benefits relating to self-defence, motivation and learning about a new lifestyle.

MMA training environment: picking the right gym

Deciding on a training environment for MMA is of paramount importance. As there are numerous reasons for people becoming attracted to MMA equally, there are many reasons why people do not convert their interest into active participation.

There is a perception that MMA gyms can be quite daunting places. For people looking to train and improve fitness or people coming to the gym for reasons of self-defence, the atmosphere around some MMA gyms can be quite intimidating.

A lot of gyms do not cater for new starters and tend to group them together with more experienced MMA trainers. However, this lack of structure and the inevitable lack of supervision, can lead to enthusiastic beginners dropping out of the programme and giving up on MMA forever. Therefore, it is essential that you research which gym is best suited to your needs.

MMA Academy development programme

To ensure that beginners are welcomed and encouraged into the world of MMA training, MMA Academy has structured a development programme to meet the needs of all ability levels – including a tailored programme for those just starting off.

Each new member of the academy will be invited to the BJJ and Muay Thai foundation classes, which run daily between Monday-Friday and at times to suit all schedules. The development programme is split into two components: firstly, each member is given a training card which will be checked and supervised by the academy’s instructors. You will receive a tick for each time you attend a foundation class.
You are encouraged to complete your training card within three months in which time you will be taught the techniques and disciplines required for each martial art. Once your training card is complete you will graduate from the first phase of the development programme.

The second phase will include supervised sparring and will involve continuous training in the techniques associated with both BJJ and Muay Thai. You will be well prepared by your instructors for this stage of your training as your knowledge and abilities improve. Your training will be monitored throughout the seven-month development programme to ensure that you are constantly progressing and evolving into a well-rounded martial artist.

Why choose MMA Academy?

MMA Academy specialises in both Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai. Classes are delivered according to skill level with a clear path of progression marked out. You are encouraged to attend as much as you can and will be given constant supervision by the academies instructors so as to enable your progression through the levels of each discipline.

There is a focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere that caters for all ability levels. There are also mixed gender classes, women only classes and classes for younger children. The MMA Academy has a deep-rooted belief in the power of martial arts to transform lives and they are keen to promote that philosophy to each member.

The training environment is both supportive and competitive and aims to give you the best individual training experience whilst promoting the benefits of a collective work ethic. The aim is to train and learn and to develop as martial artists together.

So, if that sounds like something you would like to become a part of then contact us today to start your 30 day free trial.