Tim Barnett’s end of year MMA blog

So Christmas and the year 2014 has come to an end now and what a year its been down at the MMA Academy. My aim at the start of this year was to “>fight 5 times and in 12 months that’s what I achieved. I intend to be just as busy if not more busy next year and with the help of all the coaches and training partners down the gym I believe that this will happen. There was so much success at the gym this year it was scary! It’s a massive testament to the coaches who on a day to day basis help every member improve. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Christmas was a bit of a mad one for me this year. It was the first year my little girl really understood what was going on so I haven’t managed to train as much as I would have liked and not only that but I had the lurgy the week leading up to Christmas (which was also the week I was off work. I’m that unlucky one who always gets ill on his week off). With way too many green and blacks chocolates demolished I started doing strength and conditioning again yesterday and Jesus Christ today I am in bits! The stairs and toilet are massive issues coupled with shoulder rides for a heavy 2 year old and my back just wants to give up on me! But I have missed it so much! I can’t wait to get back into that routine again.

It was great seeing all the faces from the gym on the Christmas night out which went down a treat! I wanted to drink but I was on antibiotics so couldn’t. I wasn’t wearing my Christmas jumper which if you read Seddos last blog you will understand. I went for food with Ant Davies, Seddo and Mcgann and it was a really good laugh. Makes you realise the bond that you get from training hard with your team mates. You can’t really explain it to people who don’t train but they become closer friends than anyone else ever will. After all who else would exchange punches to the face and laugh about it when its over! After food we met up with the rest of the gym and everyone was “merry” to say the least! It was a bit weird not seeing all the team mates in gym gear and all scrubbed up well! Not just a talented gym but also a handsome one when we want to be!

In the week leading up to my final fight of the year it was a bit surreal. The fight was same day weigh in at 79kg which for me is way out of shape! I usually walk around at 77kg but with Christmas around the corner its safe to say I had a muffin top come fight night! The fight itself lasted 41 seconds and I finished it with a guillotine which I was happy about as its my first submission win! Leading up to the fight I had trained a lot more jiu jitsu and I had pictured myself winning the fight by submission so it was great to pull it off. Its something I intend to keep getting better at and next year I will be aiming to compete in jiu jitsu as much as possible.

Last year I set myself mini goals to help me “>keep progressing in mma. They were just small easy to stick to goals but it really helped my training. For example when I heard about “>Bamma doing amateur shows I really aimed to be able to fight on the show and through Jason I fought twice on it which is a massive opportunity for any amateur. I look forward to tougher tests next year and I can’t wait to compete on the FCC card in March alongside some of my team mates which has also been a goal of mine since starting to fight. “>FCC is a quality show and one of the best I have seen. Let’s just hope Kinny doesn’t fight a “crab”. On the subject of FCC they are spoiled for choice for fighters down at the MMA Academy. There is so many lads ready to fight its scary, I can’t wait to watch my team mates compete again!

With talent constantly coming through in all aspects of the gym from jits, muay thai and mma I honestly get excited thinking about where the gym will be next year! When I started at the MMA Academy I was nervous but it has literally become like a second home to me and I know from

speaking to other people they feel the same! Come the end of Feb it will have been 2 years down the gym and I can’t believe just how fast its gone, but looking back I am a completely different fighter now than when I started! You don’t just get fit at the gym you get an education too. The knowledge of the coaches just breeds talent and everyone just keeps getting better!

I just want to use this to thank everyone down at the gym for the help they have given me so far. It’s much appreciated and I can’t wait to continue to improve alongside everyone next year!

So if you want 2015 to be your year then why not sign up for the 30 day free trial! It could be you winning medals for the MMA Academy! All the best for 2015 I hope everyone has a successfullyearyear! See you all on the mats!