Tim Barnetts training blog part 2

The journey into becoming a martial artists has many benefits. From getting fitter and healthier to putting your mind to good use and acquiring a skill set that will stay with you for life, martial arts is beneficial for anyone who starts!

Often one thing that is overlooked when starting martial arts and particularly at the MMA Academy is the amount of confidence you gain. My personal journey into MMA probably started like most other peoples. I didn’t join with a friend and that was nerve racking itself. I started in a big class where I knew nobody and had an impression of these “scary tattooed baldy cage fighters” who would want to crush every part of me. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

From the very start the MMA Academy was so welcoming and all its coaches and members so friendly and willing to help! My impression was totally off, however there are some badly hardcase cage fighters (Ant Davies) haha!! But he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met!

With such a great team at the academy its hard not to gain confidence. Wether it be because you see your body changing and you are earning a more desirable shape, or it’s because you are getting fitter the MMA Academy will definitely change you as a person! The well-structured classes allow a steady improvement in not only your skill set but also your confidence. From things like performing tasks and demonstrating techniques in front of other class members, while at the time you may not realise but you actually gain confidence as you go and will meet hundreds of new friends along the way!!

I have really noticed it recently in the kids mma programme! When I first witnessed the rise of the kids classes they were a lot more “in their shell” so to speak! Walking past a class now they are performing high level techniques in front of each other, the coaches, and parents and are not even batting an eye lid! The confidence they have gained is amazing to see! I know they do worksheets outside of their classes which really helps them with discipline and confidence and teaches great morals from a young age! It’s great for parents (like myself) to know that if your child is in school and the local bully picks on them they have the confidence to stand up for themselves and the discipline to know when to walk away! Martial arts is great for that and there is no place better than the MMA Academy!! As soon as my daughter is old enough that will be the first classes I sign her up for!!

In terms of my own personal confidence gains, the MMA Academy has brought me on leaps and bounds! One thing when I started was having the confidence in not only myself but my training partners! This came very quickly as everyone in the gym is so friendly and helps you out and there isn’t an ego in sight! Also knowing that with the skills I have acquired I can use them if necessary it is a great confidence boost! My ability to demonstrate or talk in front of others has improved so much and I now feel completely comfortable showing or explaining something in a room full of people watching! (This is a great asset for everyday life as people often have to do this in work or school etc). Finally the fact that my coaches have had the confidence in me to allow me to fight has also boosted my own confidence and is something I am proud of!