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“The relief after the storm is so much for the fighter, when it is all over and his hand has been raised in victory there is no other feeling in the world that can compare to it”
This couldn’t be more accurate! Anyone who has been through one knows just how tough fight camps are. Day after day you grind in the gym with aching muscles and knocks to better yourself to ensure you are fully ready when you step in the cage! This camp was fantastic for me! It ran smoothly and I picked up on a lot of things. I felt weak areas of my game getting stronger and feel that I peaked right on time for my fight! There truly is no place better for mixed martial arts training in Liverpool than the MMA Academy.

This was my lightest fight in a while I made the step down from 80kg at the start of my cut to 75kg when I stood on the scales. Apart from a day without a drink and a week without any carbs this cut was really easy for me. I moaned like a bitch don’t get me wrong but we all know what men are like! For my next fight I will make the step down to lightweight which is 70kg and I feel that it will run smoothly. (Well I hope!)

Fight week went like it usually does. The week kind of moulds into one where everything else you do is unimportant all because of this pinnacle event that draws all of your thoughts and attention. You count down the days and hours until you finally step into the cage. It is a hard week to say the least. My last session was on the Monday morning and then I rested up and concentrated on foam rolling and making weight! I (kind of stupidly) went cliff diving Wednesday to take my mind off the fight and try and relax and it really helped.

The Bamma show itself was fantastic! From start to finish it was run so professionally and as a fighter I was well looked after and the instructions we got were all clear. The weigh in’s were really cool! A lot more people attended than usual and even the Ufc’s Brad “One Punch” Pickett made an appearance! After weigh ins it was time to eat and drink and wow does that feel good! Eating carbs is like stuffing your body with rocket fuel as you get a sense of euphoria and energy like you’ve never felt before! Believe me I haven’t stopped eating carbs since and I now look and feel about 6 months pregnant! The post fight munch was at almost famous and I finished off 2 yes 2 triple threat burgers and a chilli cheese fries! Deffo overdid that I’ve felt sick since haha! But today is my last day of junk food as tomorrow I’m straight back in the gym to get better for my next fight which will hopefully be confirmed soon!

The fight itself went as well as it could have! Before we walked out we did a really good warm up, the best I’ve ever done! Jason, Youds and Matty all did various warm up drills with me and I felt sharp and ready on walking to the cage! It was a surreal feeling walking to the cage on such a big show and if I said I wasn’t a little more nervous than usual I’d be lying! I tried to stay calm and keep my head and as soon as I stepped into the cage I was ready the MMA Academy will get you ready for this both physically and mentally it’s the best place for mixed martial arts training in Liverpool!

mixed martial arts training in liverpool

Tim Barnett warming up for his BAMMA Fight in Liverpool

The fight started out with me trying to find a home for my jab, I landed one and my opponent shot in straight away for the takedown switching from doubles to singles, something we had planned for beforehand Youds had warned me just before I walked out!. I was comfortable defending them as I have worked this a lot with Jason, Al and Mike in our pro sessions! Eventually my opponent tried a single leg and I saw the opportunity to hit a switch and ended up on top in his guard!

From here I was concentrating a lot on keeping good posture! Something Jason has drilled into me for a while and Jonesy has covered in Jiu Jitsu sessions! I was fully aware of all his submission attempts and knew if he did try anything I was able to defend! From here I started to look for strikes but I felt I was loading up bit too much looking for that one big shot to try and end the fight instead of softening him up a bit more! This is a big lesson I’ve taken from the fight! Eventually though I did land a big shot and he rolled over where I continued to land a few more shots until my opponent had had enough and tapped out due to strikes! I was just as confused as the referee! I wasn’t sure whether he had injured himself or what but his eyes did roll for a second off the first big shot I landed! I was disappointed with the finish as I wanted to show just how much I’ve come on under the fantastic training at the MMA Academy and didn’t get the chance to! Onwards and upwards though it takes me to 3-0 as an amateur and all 3 within the distance! Looking forward to the next fight and showing off what I can do as a fighter!

mixed martial arts training in liverpool

(left to right) Jason Tan, Tim Barnett, Matty Crozier, Peter Youds. After Tim’s victory at BAMMA

Camp starts again soon and I will continue to work my weak areas to progress! That’s what it’s about just keep grinding and improving!
So if you want an opportunity like this then get down to the MMA Academy in Liverpool! Train hard, show the coaches what you can do, at the best place for mixed martial arts training in Liverpool and you will never look back!!
See you all on the mats!

(this is not the bamma fight, unavailable at present)