Lily Pagle BJJ Seminar

On Sunday June 29th The MMA Academy Liverpool hosted 63 years young BJJ and Judo Black Belt Lily Pagle for 2 hour seminar.

Lily is the head instructor at ModCom SBG Berkeley over in california and is a BJJ Black belt under SBG Chief Matt Thornton.

Details on the collar drag

Lily ran through some judo techniques to start, covering some good high percentage throws that can be used in bjj competition.

After covering an hour of stand up technique Lily ran through some technique from the guard which included some good details on a nice choke/armlock combination from the bottom. After this she went through some nice surprise attacks from the top.

The great thing about the seminar was seeing some of the women from our own womens MMA program training as well as some who travelled from SBG Mainline.

Also it was great to see someone of Lilys age still training, enjoying and sparring in brazilian jiu jitsu, really is never too late to get started

Thanks for some great information and a fun day Lily!

Lily Pagle Seminar at the MMA Academy Liverpool