Team Winners at Ground Control!

Better late than never!

This is a late post but if you didnt know the MMA Academy Liverpool took the team title at Ground Control Manchester. Ground Control is the largest submission grappling tournament in the UK, providing a stage for wrestlers, BJJ specialist , sambo specialists and grapplers from other disciplines to against each other.

The BJJ training and wrestling training at the MMA academy in Liverpool is paying off guys! good job!

here are some videos of guys from the academy in action

Seb Rice takes silver in the kids u50kg division

Graham Mealand takes Gold

Pe ‘Yoda’ Youds against another MMA academy student Chino ‘Green’!

Mick William makes the final

Menga in the semi’s

MMA Academy’s Wade Jennings taking Gold

Ste McGivern in the semi’s

Menga again!