Martial arts Classes

Intro Programme

The Academy boasts a comprehensive intro programme that has been very successful since it was first introduced. There are early morning classes, lunchtime classes, and evening classes (depending on specific day) so leave your details on the form below and we will get back to you.

Introduction Classes

Each class lasts an hour and consists mainly of a warm up, instructional coaching, positional drills, and a warm down.  The classes are interesting and fun to learn, whilst still being ran in a professional manner.

All classes will have a set syllabus of moves that students are required to work on.  These ‘moves’ or techniques can be anything:

In our grappling BJJ class they can be escapes and sweeps to attacks and finishes/submissions, but naturally the bulk will be formed around defensive positions – being that the class consists of white belts. In our Striking program ( Muay Thai) these moves will consist of acquiring a basic stance and work on throwing leg and arm strikes in the correct manner.

Whilst the MMA Academy runs a formal intro programme, and is committed to a safe environment, it is by no means a stern environment.


As with any serious Jiu Jitsu, MMA or Muay Thai practitioners – there are formalities like bowing to the mat when you enter/leave the gym, respecting your coaches, and being on time for class.  Yet this does not mean there is no fun and banter, such is the personality of the many coaches who instruct at the Academy.  These are multi-titled competitors, at every belt grade up to (and including) black belt.

Each syllabus lasts a number of weeks, during which students will be monitored by the coaches and assessed on how they are progressing.

Friendly environment

A lot of students build up a rapport with the coaches and camaraderie between each other – something that carries on throughout the course of their membership as they move through onto the combat programme.

All egos are left at the door, which ensures a positive environment as you embark on learning BJJ, MMA or Muay Thai Kickboxing in Liverpool.

Due the popularity and success of the MMA Academy’s intro programme you can expect a large variety of training partners in all ages, shapes and sizes – which sets you in good stead for future sparring during your Jiu Jitsu or MMA future.

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